Food - and product-tests in the Nordics

If you want to carry out food - and other product-tests in the Nordic region, Faktum Markedsanalyse can be your local partner.

We are based in Norway, but carry out projects in Sweden, Denmark and Finland as well.


  • Well-equipped test-facility for central location-tests (CLT)
  • Consumer-panel for home usage-tests (HUT)

Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland

Stable, well-educated societies, - Among the top affluent countries in the world, - High consumption of expensive as well as
economically-priced products.
Although much similar, - cultural and taste-differences definitely do exist

How we can assist you

One-stop contact for food - and product-tests in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland

Quick turn-around; - we'll answer your request within 6 hours.

If we can assist you in this field of research, please use, or call Harald Pedersen direct on + 47 90 91 24 72.

Some clients we have been fortunate to work with in this field of research; -

Anthon Berg Blink Cadbury Canderel Carlsberg Delikat Dr. Oetker Dumle Fazer Finn Crisp Go-Tan Synnøve Finden

Heinz Jelly Belly Katajes Materne Mestemacher Mission Ocean Spray Old El Paso Coca-Cola Quaker Oats

Ryvita Options Twinings Valor BonBon Campfire Golden Delicious Blue Dragon Wasa